Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.

What is PicoPica10?

PicoPica10 is an ultra-small spiral hydroelectric generator. It is sold as an assembly kit and is used as a teaching material for environmental education. It can also be used as a practical power supply unit for security lights by permanently installing it in agricultural waterways.

Where can I buy PicoPica10 (in Japan)?

For deliveries within Japan, you can purchase from our website (  Click on the photo for the price.

Where can buy PicoPica10 (Overseas)?

For shipment overseas, please let us know the quantity and the delivery address in our inquiry form. We will check and confirm whether it (they) can be shipped to the designated address and will reply with an estimate of the delivery cost. Unless otherwise agreed the shipment shall be made by air after our receipt of the payment.

Please tell me about the shipping fee. (Overseas)

For delivery to a country other than Japan, we will advise you of an estimate of the product price plus the shipping fee if you inform us the quantity of the product you wish to purchase and where you wish to have it (them) sent to in our inquiry form.The shipment shall be made by air which we found is the most economical as compared to sea.

Is maintenance required for PicoPica10?

Placing a PicoPica10 in a waterway will cause the water wheel to rotate while the water is flowing. Therefore, the “lower bearing” and “generator (bearing inside the generator)”, which are the components that support the rotation, are consumable parts that continue to rotate, so maintenance (replacement) is required. Lower bearings and generators can be purchased from our inquiry form.

How long does it take to assemble the PicoPica 10?

It takes about 60 minutes for an adult to assemble. About 90 minutes for a 6th grader.